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Fairy Tales for Unwanted Children is a weekly podcast featuring original fairy tales that lean towards the dark. It is now available as a book at this affiliate link from Amazon.

Each is written to be a short journey into a wondrous work that will unsettle, surprise, and entertain.

Scott Thrower is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  He works in the non-creative end of the field of broadcasting, which leaves his brain wide open to flights of fancy that come out in the form of fairy tales.

He's a graduate of York University's Creative Writing program, where his focus was in writing for the stage, and graduated with two writing awards from Vanier College Productions.

He then wrote nothing for 15 years before fairy tales came bubbling out.

Scott lives on a busy corner in Toronto, edits out all of the bus noises, and has a cat and the ghost of a dog.  He is also a cast member of Caverns and Comedians.