2018 Holiday Special

Happy holidays! To celebrate, I bring you five original stories by listeners to the show.

The Fairy King by Emmarayn Redding

Meliora and the Devil by Deborah Markus (16:30)

The Dragon and the Runt by Lisa Dawn (33:20)

Small Red Footprints by Marissa Peterson (39:25)

Ice Captives by Lynden Wade (49:25)

Emmarayn Redding can be found at www.writinginrivendell.blogspot.com or on her Facebook author page. Her books are The Quest for the Ivory Sword and The Madman of Elkriahl and Other Fairy Tales.

Deborah Markus has published a young-adult novel called The Letting Go. www.amazon.com/dp/1510734058/

Lisa Dawn's website is www.theprincessblog.org. She also has some Amazon novellas, which can be found at www.amazon.com/author/lisadawn.

Lynden Wade can be found at quillsquotesqueensquests.wordpress.com.

Interview with a College Class

I've been sharing details of this for the last few months -- but a college class in the United States has been using episodes of the show as part of their syllabus this term.  It's been fascinating reading some of their essays and seeing some of their projects (like the one pictured below by Kasey, inspired by Standards).  Susan was kind enough to invite me to call into the class and do a Q&A.  The first few minutes were cut off and my audio is a bit unfortunate -- but their audio is perfect, so I thought I'd make it available for the curious!  Enjoy!